WordPress Development

WordPress has become the go to favourite for most 'web' professionals when they think CMS, with very little thought given to the nature of content or the environment in which it is to be used. Whilst it is true that taking a website to market with WordPress is faster than most other platforms because of the sheer volume of themes and plugins out there, this approach is not always commercially sustainable.

WordPress has its uses and is ideal for some things - it is thoroughly inadequate for others. Because it is so popular, it also has a plethora of plugins that have managed to get through with poor, unscalable code, which can quickly become a problem for a big business.

If you are considering WordPress, talk to us before you decide to go with it, and consider the plugins and code management going forward before you select it because a designer recommends it. What's under the hood is always important, and we can help to better engineer what is there if WordPress is the right system for you.