PHP Frameworks and Development

PHP started off as a simple scripting language and has evolved into a comprehensive language, primarily for the web, but also has other general purpose uses.

The very fact that it had humble beginnings means that it has been widely misused, which often gives it an undeservingly poor reputation. This has changed in recent years, with advent and maturity of 'enterprise' style (we prefer this word to scale, because that's irrelevant 90% of the times) frameworks and Content Management Systems, like Symfony, Laravel and Drupal.

The fact is that there are too many options when developing with PHP, and there are few processes and procedures around how to manage the development process. Developers exposed to PHP come from a variety of backgrounds and are mostly just accustomed to the idea of 'throwing' things together to get stuff done. But that approach does not always work when developing commercially sustainable software.

That's where we can help. What should you develop with. Do you need to use Symfony or Laravel or Zend? Silex or Slim? MySQL or Mongo DB? Doctrine or Propel? JQuery or ExtJS or pure JS? Can you mix Ruby and Node JS with your development? These are all important considerations, and if you don't have a through understanding of what you are doing, your development stack and technical debt can quickly get out of hand.

Whether you're embarking upon a new app venture or involved in extensive data migration or need to automate things on the command line, PHP can almost always be a good fit, but it's all about how you use it. If you're not sure, talk to us - we can help.