API Design and Development

Building APIs requires careful planning and selecting an underlying set of tools that can scale and interact with all other applications in your business.

The PHP stack gives you various options to build APIs and Micro Services - from full blown frameworks like Symfony and Zend to Micro frameworks like Silex and Slim. How do you balance this with third party tools used via Composer or other package managers? What kind of authentication should you support? How does PSR 7 fit into all of this? How will you scale up and how will you benefit from the performance improvements in the next version of PHP? These, among others, are all questions that need to be considered.

We've built commercial APIs as well as those that are available for use for free. For instance, the AlAdhan Prayer Times API that we helped develop handles about 5 million requests a month, and during 'peak' times of the year, it handles 2 million requests a day.

If you need to build an API, or think you may need one, talk to us - we can help.