Agile Implementation - Scrum, SAFe, Extreme Programming and Continuous Integration

Businesses and teams always talk about being Agile, doing Scrum and having implemented Continuous Integration techniques, but few actually understand the nature of Agile, or for that matter Scrum.

It's very likely that most teams have the right intention, but because many of them rarely go through any formal training, they've never really understood the benefits of agile development and don't believe in them whole-heartedly. To get such a team to buy into agile, developers need to hear from developers who have witnessed the benefits of such an approach.

Our teams and developers are certified in Scrum and SAFe, and we train teams in understanding agile and implementing Extreme Programming and Continuous Integration along side Scrum. That results in an agile mindset, agile code and agile practices, and they all have to be aligned, otherwise your agile initiative will most likely fail.

If your team is doing things like stand-ups, BDD, TDD, Sprint Reviews, Demos, Pair Programming and you still have a full time tester or QA in the team, chances are someone somewhere misunderstood the idea.

Talk to us - we can help increase the productivity of your software team drastically and help them produce tested, useable code on a regular basis.